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Laravel 10.9 release update

Laravel 10.9 release update

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By Nihar Ranjan Das, Published on April 29th 2023 | 4 mins, 398 words

The Laravel team has recently unveiled version 10.9, which includes multiple new features and improvements. These updates comprise named static methods for middleware, new HTTP status assertions for feature testing, and the ability to prune all canceled and unfinished queue batches.

Furthermore, the release includes an enhancement to the Ignition IDE links, which are now compatible with the artisan serve command. This allows developers to effortlessly open files in their IDE by clicking on the filename displayed on an Ignition error page. 

Let's explore the features and changes introduced in Laravel 10.9:

Named Static Methods for Middleware

Tim MacDonald continued enhancing alternative more "PHPish" ways to define route middleware. Here are some examples from Pull Request #46362:

Route::get('users', UserController::class)    ->middleware([        Authenticate::class, // default.        Authenticate::using('web'), // specify a guard.        Authenticate::using('web', 'another'), // specify multiple guards.         Authorize::using('store', Post::class),         EnsureEmailIsVerified::class, // default.        EnsureEmailIsVerified::redirectTo('route.name'),    ]);

New HTTP Status Assertions

Miran AL Mehrab contributed three new HTTP status assertions for writing feature tests in Laravel:

$response->assertGone(); // 410$response->assertInternalServerError(); // 500$response->assertServiceUnavailable(); // 503

Allow Pruning All Cancelled and Unfinished Queue Batches

James Hulse contributed an update to queue:prune-batches that allows you to prune unfinished and canceled batches with the --infinished=0 and --cancelled=0 flags. Now, the code will check for non-null values. See Pull Request #46833 for more details.

Configure Ignition IDE Links With artisan serve

Niclas contributed the ability to pass-through IGNITION_LOCAL_SITES_PATH to the artisan serve command, which enables you to open files in your IDE by clicking on the filename displayed on an Ignition error page.

See Pull Request #46857 for further details.

Release Notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 10.8.0 and 10.9.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:



  • Add new HTTP status assertions (#46841)
  • Allow pruning all cancelled and unfinished queue batches (#46833)
  • Added IGNITION_LOCAL_SITES_PATH to $passthroughVariables in ServeCommand.php (#46857)
  • Added named static methods for middleware (#46362)


  • Fix date_format rule throw ValueError (#46824)


  • Allow separate directory for locks on filestore (#46811)
  • Allow to whereMorphedTo work with null model (#46821)
  • Use pivot model fromDateTime instead of assuming Carbon in Illuminate/Database/Eloquent/Relations/Concerns/InteractsWithPivotTable::addTimestampsToAttachment() (#46822)
  • Make rules method in FormRequest optional (#46846)
  • Throw LogicException when calling FileFactory@image() if mimetype is not supported (#46859)
  • Improve job release method to accept date instance (#46854)
  • Use foreignUlid if model uses HasUlids trait when call foreignIdFor (#46876)

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